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Video games that will reign in the year 2018

Games - James Cooper - May 28, 2018

A new year begins with a new resolution, with a positive vibe, with the expectation to do something innovative. However, for the game lovers, a year means a couple of new games that will not only enthrall their bodies and minds but also satiate their hunger for gaming. Several video games are developed and experimented; however, the millennial is always in the quest of the recent video games that are reigning the throne.

Even a few decades, people like to engage themselves in the outdoor activities, but the rise as well as the development of the video games tempted them to pass their leisure hours in the comfort of their abodes. And the recent video games are opening new doors of wonders for people of ages.

Video games

Some of the video games that will launch in this are:

  1. Sunless Skies

Release Date: May (?)

Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac,

It is the sequel to the most-admired indie hit Sunless Sea.  Sunless Skies discards the oceans as well as heads for the stars. In place of a steamship, you pilot a space steam engine. The same RPG, survival as well as roguelike elements are all here. Moreover, when the game has been seeing mixed reviews in Early Access, judging by the quality of its predecessor, it will be yet another great game. It is predicted that it will secure its crown for one of the famous recent video games of the year.

  1. Jurassic World: Evolution

Release Date: June (?)

Platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS4

Basically Jurassic World: Evolution is SimCity with dinosaurs. Thoroughly based on the movie, you can construct your own dino theme park as well as unlock diverse new dinosaurs along the way. Not sure if you get to train your own velociraptors or not, but most probably the answer is “no.” Some things are just too silly, even for games and movies. Credit: New World Entertainment

  1. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Release Date: TBA 2018

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Form the makers of Insurgency and Day of Infamy, two excellent hardcore first-person shooters, comes Sandstorm: Insurgency. Originally planned to have a campaign, now the game is releasing with just multiplayer. And it is totally fine. This time around, the New World Entertainment is discarding the Source Engine for Unreal 4. And you can tell how much better it looks. For anyone who is looking for a more hardcore FPS than Call of Duty, this is the game for you.

Along with the aforementioned ones, there are myriad games that are going to launch in this year. All of the games will come with a twist that will exceed your expectation and astound you.

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